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COMEDGE INC. can provide you with the best and best professional services. It has successfully communicated with countless clients on behalf of tax authorities to handle tax investigation cases and provide financial consultation to customers. And other business services. Through the unremitting efforts of American Huashang Finance and Taxation Co., Ltd., customers are able to achieve or exceed the established business goals to achieve greater commercial success. We have been serving Southern California for more than 20 years and have many years of experience to ensure the highest level of professionalism to understand customer needs, in-depth research and reasonable analysis, and to achieve customer goals. If you have any questions about accounting, taxation, auditing, corporate mergers and acquisitions and financial planning, please contact US Huashang Finance & Tax Co., Ltd. now.

Our Commitment

With 20 years of experience in Los Angeles, we specialize in the establishment of companies in the 50 states of the United States and corporate accounting and tax filing. We provide consulting services for cross-border e-commerce between China and the United States. From the goal planning, market research, resource allocation, marketing tools and management model comprehensive consulting, help customers avoid the commercial misunderstanding caused by cultural differences from the beginning.

Our Services

International Ecommerce Operation

According to different platform requirements of customers, such as self-operated platform, EBAY platform or Amazon platform, we provide Sino-US cross-border e-commerce solutions and overall operational planning, including warehousing and logistics coordination, balance of payments transfer and platform operation planning.

Company Start-up

Help clients select the appropriate state of registration in the 50 states of the United States and select corporate organizational structures such as C-Corp, S-Corp and LLC for different corporate purposes. Highlights of Delaware, California, Nevada, Wyoming, etc.

Overseas Asset Declaration

According to the FBAR and FATCA terms, anyone with US citizenship and green card who has a certain amount of assets and financial accounts overseas needs to report overseas financial accounts to the US Treasury and report overseas income to the IRS.

US Trademark Registration

The agent applies for the US trademark registration. The process of registering the trademark in the United States is less simple. As long as there is no duplication of the US trademark registration inquiry, the application can be submitted.

US Personal Tax Filing

We are the Certifying Acceptance Agent, which helps foreign residents to certify and apply for US personal tax number ITIN.

Business Tax

The tax law environment in which companies are located is constantly changing. We help companies and individuals deal with all tax law issues, from commercial transactions, international taxation, to personal taxation and reporting.


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